Food Not Bombs Sydney condemns the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza by the State of Israel.

Many organisations welcome donations in order to help the Palestinian people. To avoid listing them all and overwhelming you with choice, Food Not Bombs Sydney recommends focusing your efforts on the following two:

eSims for Gaza

This organisation has a proven track-record of getting sim cards into Gaza for people in need, and your donation goes straight to funding their direct action. These sim cards also help journalists in Gaza share what is happening on the ground.


CareForGaza is a fundraising campaign that is actively using their funds to purchase food supplies and give cash directly to displaced Palestinians in need. They have a twitter account that posts pictures of food that they buy as well as any cash sent.

Food Not Bombs is committed to non-violence worldwide, and for decades, millions of Palestinians have been suffering and resisting in the world's largest concentration camp. We acknowledge the Palestinian peoples right to self defence and their demand for the Israeli pseudo-state to withdraw from Palestine.

The so-called Israeli Defence Force is using the attack on October 7th 2023 to further their genocidal campaign and expand their racist ethnostate. Despite the massacre of thousands of civilians, including children, the Australian government continues to support the State of Israel. We stand in solidarity with Palestinians and call for a ceasefire as well as the end of the illegal settlements and the apartheid system. Despite the claims of Israel and its Zionist allies, there is no military solution to this conflict. There is no peace without justice, and there will be no justice until Palestinians are free.

None of us are free until all of us are free.
Palestinian Flag

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