Frijoles negros

Black beans, yo. Feeds 10+!



  1. Dice/blitz the onion, celery and capsicum and vegie stock.
  2. Fry in oil till soft. Keep lid on to trap juices.
  3. Dice and add tomato and beans, cover and simmer for 3-4 hours adding water periodically until beans soft and stirring occasionally so shit don't burn (1hr if using canned beans)**.
  4. In the last half hour, add your spicies and garlic.
  5. Taste at the end to see if it needs more cumin, salt or paprika.

Keeps 10 days in the fridge, or forever in the freezer. Enjoy with everything (e.g. Burritos, Enchiladas, Nachos, Quesadillas, Chimichanga, Fajita, Moros y Cristianos, Huevos rancheros.)

*Total guess. Just keep adding till you're scared you may have fucked it. That's the perfect amount.
**Note: will be slightly less delicious and not a gnarly black colour

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