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What next?

If you've contacted us about wanting to volunteer, you should soon find yourself in our Telegram chat. Say hi and let us know how you found us, and if you're ready to get your hands dirty, read on!

What can you help with?

The fastest way to help Food Not Bombs Sydney is by giving us feedback on your first impressions. If you've had a problem or found something confusing, it's likely others have too. By telling us how you found us and asking questions, you help us make things easier for future volunteers.

We currently cook up our found food at Addison Rd Community Centre, and hand it out that evening. If you would like to directly contribute to this, the list below outlines roles that you can help with.

At the moment we mostly need people who can help cook and serve food on Thursdays and Sundays.

We always ensure at least two volunteers have committed to each role listed above. We don't want people to do things alone unless they want to.

If you're unable to help with any of the above tasks, don't worry, there's still plenty that can be done, even if you live far away from the city. Here are some other ways that you could help (but don't let this list limit your imagination).

This list is not exhaustive or final, and these "extra" tasks are just as important as our central tasks. If you have your own ideas let us know and give it a try! This is a grassroots organisation, so tasks and roles should grow organically as they are needed. Remember to always put your own well-being first and don't be afraid to reach out if you suddenly find that you have limited capacity to do something you volunteered for.

Remember: Because of the horizontal structure of our organisation, responsibility and initiative are put into your hands. In other words, we're all just winging it. The secret to getting involved is by introducing yourself in the chat, joining one of our online or in-person meetings, and asking questions. We're a friendly bunch that are just making things up as we go :)